The Redback One combat shooting system, an elite level marksmanship training program developed to provide a systematic template of transferable skills that are common for the pistol, carbine and shotgun.

Combat Shooting courses are available as open enrollment or contracted programs for Military and Law Enforcement as indicated.


basic pistol

The two-day basic pistol course is designed to provide the new shooter with a good understanding of firearms safety and introduces students to the core skills of the Redback One Combat Shooting System required to safely handle, carry and operate the pistol. Students will gain valuable knowledge about ammunition selection, limitations and capabilities of the pistol. Students will be challenged with techniques that are designed to create a solid foundation of shooting fundamentals and increase the shooters overall ability with the pistol.

Duration: 2 days

Combat Pistol

This two day course has been designed to provide students with education, training, and advanced skill development in tactical shooting with the handgun. Students will receive education and training that has specifically been designed to increase individual safety and survivability by building good combat habits on the range. Students will enhance marksmanship skills and individual lethality though realistic combat drills and the application of the fundamentals of combat shooting.

Duration: 2 days

High Threat Concealed Pistol

This course has been developed to provide the student with a high level of proficiency when carrying a concealed firearm as the primary weapon. Students will acquire the knowledge, skills and mindset necessary to be deemed competent to deploy the handgun using low visibility techniques in a high threat environment. Students will be trained to respond to threat stimulus and deploy offensive countermeasures by way of kinetic or non-kinetic methods in order to neutralize threats. This course will address limited close quarters fighting techniques and utilizing auxiliary weapons to mitigate threats at extreme close quarters.

Duration: 2 days

Basic Carbine

The 2-Day Basic Carbine course has been developed to introduce students to the Redback Once Shooting System methodology and weapons handling required to safely carry, control, handle and operate the carbine. The course is designed to provide the entry-level shooter with a good understanding of firearms safety and the core skills of protective carbine employment.

Duration: 2 days

Combat Carbine

The objective of this course is to increase the existing individual skills of each student in techniques and procedures of the Redback One combat shooting system. Students will be introduced to the most current concepts and skills designed to increase weapons handling efficiency, target acquisition, engagement speed, and accuracy while maintaining a focus on the combat application of each drill.

Duration: 2 days

Combat PISTOL & Carbine

This course has been developed to train students in close quarters combat shooting and dynamic approach shooting with both pistol and carbine. This course contains one day of pistol skills to enhance the trainee's capability with the handgun, focusing on marksmanship and weapons handling at close quarters. Training will continue on day two with rifle and pistol integration to train students in advanced weapons handling procedures and increase speed and accuracy at close quarters. Day three focuses on dynamic approach shooting skills where students will be taught engagement techniques and procedures at intermediate distances. 

Duration: 3 days

Low Visibility PISTOL & Carbine

The aim of this course is to train students in advanced concealed weapons handling skills specific for low visibility or reduced signature operations. Training will include utilizing go-bags to conceal and sustain weapons systems during advanced training evolutions. Students will be trained to increase speed and accuracy of. engagements to enhance lethality and demonstrate good combat habits to increase survivability.

Duration: 2 days

COmbat Shooting Course

The Combat Shooting Course is designed for Military commands and Law Enforcement agencies and the private sector that want world leading, evidence based with the best practice approach to developing and preparing personnel for combat, physically, psychologically and cognitively. This course has been developed to educate and train students in current techniques and procedures in safe weapons handling, marksmanship, critical thinking and cognitive skills to increase survivability, lethality and resilience to combat stress.

Duration: 5 days

Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle Course

Our Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle Course is a 3-day course that focuses on enhancing the individual skills of the officer by way of developing a better understanding of the patrol rifle and how to safely carry it, control it, handle it and operate it during training evolutions designed to create a consistent, benchmark standard for all officers within the department.

Duration: 3 days

Close Quarters Combat Shooting Course

This 2 day/16hr course has been developed to introduce trainees to the elements of competency of the Redback One Combat Shooting System. The course curriculum will include pistol and carbine weapons handling and marksmanship with training objectives focused on successfully completing the RB1 Combat Shooting Standards.

Duration: 2 days

RED DOT SIGHT Pistol Instructor Course

This 3-Day course has been developed to provide law enforcement firearmsinstructors with a practical train-the-trainer program in implementingred-dot sights on duty handguns. This course is designed to increase the weapons handling skills, technical knowledge, and instructional attributes of law enforcement trainers in the fundamental, technical and tactical aspects of employing red dot sights on duty handguns.

Duration: 3 days

Instructor Mentoring Course

The Instructor Mentoring Course has been developed to enhance the existing methods of instruction, knowledge base and training techniques of Law Enforcement Department Instructors. This course will introduce student instructors to adult learning methodology and coaching, techniques to train students in the Redback One Combat Shooting System. 

Duration: 5 days



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