and Management

Drawing on the combined decades of experience of RB1 staff and our industry leading technology, RB1 is able to assist military, police and other units in the development of training packages that are specifically tailored to every clients unique requirements.

Rather than applying the same course model and standards to all corners, RB1 will work with clients to establish what it is they seek to achieve in their role and to define excellence in their field. From there, we develop curriculum that will best develop trainees to the defined standard, and that can be taught by us to instructors within the client unit. This allows clients to take control of their own training and their own standards and in turn reduces the reliance on external providers.

Examples of custom course development are available upon request. 

All information regarding program is strictly per client request. If requesting details, please request from your Military, U.S. Goverment, or Business email account.


Contact us for more details, examples of developed courses, or to request custom course design and development:

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