Redback One Hostage Rescue courses cover the latest tactics, techniques and procedures of hostage rescue operations and associated CQB skills. 


advanced Hostage Rescue

Hostage rescue operations are time sensitive, high-risk and require arobust and well-developed capability to ensure a successful outcome.Our Advanced Hostage Rescue course delivers current doctrine andprovides students with leading edge hostage rescue tactics, techniques,and procedures.

Duration: 5 days

Counter terrorist operator

Being prepared to respond to a terrorist threat requires tactical teams to receive training in advanced CQB tactics, techniques and procedures along with the advanced integration and application of specialist capabilities and equipment to conduct successful operations in complex environments.

Our Counter Terrorist Operator course combines competencies in  dynamic hostage rescue and deliberate CQB and integrates advanced methods that includes explosive breaching, night vision goggles and IR lasers, chemical agent delivery, flash bang deployment, multi-team assaults and more.

Duration: 10 days



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