Our High Risk Vehicle Tactics (HRVT) course has been developed to provide officers with standard operating procedures to respond to close proximity vehicle ambuses. Tactics, techniques and procedures learned on this course have been developed to increase officer survivability by developing instinctive behaviors in response to an ambush. Students will learn how to perform immediate action drills to evade fire where possible, conduct emergency vehicle evacuations, move to points of cover and return fire. Students will also learn the effects of duty ammunition when fired into and through immediate barriers during the vehicle medium shoot. Students will learn to communicate effectively under fire, learn how to regain the initiative and perform a counter assault to neutralize the threat and make the area safe.



The 5-Day High-Risk Vehicle Tactics (HRVT) course has been specifically developed to increase the survivability of Law Enforcement Officers that are engaged by gunfire during felony stops, traffic stops or close proximity vehicle ambushes. This course will provide officers with the most up to date and leading-edge tactics, techniques and procedures to counter close proximity contacts and vehicle ambushes.

Trainees will develop and rehearse standard operating procedures and responses to contact that will allow them to create space, change angles, regain the initiative, neutralize threats and minimize collateral damage These objectives are achieved through instructor led live fire training and dynamic reality-based training scenarios using non-lethal training ammunition.

Duration: 5 days



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