advanced Hostage Rescue




This intensive 5-day/40hr course of instruction will cover the latest leading edge tactics, techniques and procedures to conduct successful barricaded hostage rescue operations. Trainees will receive formal lessons from our instructor cadre in individual skills that will cover modified door and entry procedures, noise-flash diversionary device tactics and hostage rescue room combat tactics. Collective skills will include team level, hallway procedures, stairwell procedures, deconfliction procedures, emergency action assaults, deliberate action assaults, single point and multi-points assaults, security procedures within the stronghold, hostage handling, marshalling procedures and hostage reception. This program will include reality based training that will incorporate force on force scenarios using role players and non-lethal training ammunition.

All CQB and HRT programs are conducted at client-specified training facility utilizing our Mobile Training Team. Courses can be modified to meet training facility requirements and delivered in either live fire or with the use of non-lethal training weapons and ammunition.

5 Days

Law Enforcement only, please contact us for current pricing.


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Full time Law Enforcement Officer assigned to SWAT or active duty Military. 




This course can be modified to suit client training facilities and client training requirements. Courses can be executed using live fire, non-live fire using NLTA or a combination of live fire and NLTA. 


Subject Covered:


  • Hostage Rescue Education
  • Modified Door & Entry Procedures
  • Single Room Combat 
  • Multi-Room Combat
  • Noise Flash Diversionary Device Tactics
  • Threat & Non-Threat Target Discrimination 
  • Hallway Movement
  • Primary Clearance Procedures
  • Limits of Exploitation
  • Secondary Clearances
  • Deconfliction Procedures
  • Stronghold Security
  • Hostage Handling
  • Marshalling Procedures
  • Hostage Reception
  • Emergency Action Assaults
  • Deliberate Action Assaults




The following equipment list is considered to be the minimum standard for students to arrive with. Students may augment this list with other personal equipment as required.


  • Ballistic helmet
  • Level IIIA body armor with hard protective inserts
  • Ballistic eye wear
  • Combat uniform & suitable footwear
  • Servicable Carbine 
  • Combat optic
  • Combat sling
  • Weapon mounted white light
  • Magazines, rifle x 4
  • Servicable Pistol with weapons mounted light 
  •  Pistol Holster
  • Tactical duty belt
  • Magazines, pistol x 3


  • Flash Hood
  • Gloves suitable for shooting
  • Hearing Protection, electronic preferred
  • Hand held flashlight
  • APR (Gas Mask)
  • Individual radio 
  • Communications fit (headset) 
  • Batteries for all equipment 
  • Weapons cleaning kit
  • Water Bottle or equivalent
  • Note taking materials (on the man at all times)
  • Inclement weather gear (seasonally appropriate)
  • Non-Lethal Training Weapons (carbine & pistol)




The following ammunition will be required for live fire courses

Live Ammunition:

Carbine - 300 rounds
Pistol - 100 rounds

Non-Lethal Training Ammunition:

Carbine - 300 rounds

Pistol - 100 rounds

The following ammunition will be required for Sim / UTM only courses
Non-Lethal Training Ammunition:

Carbine: 600 rounds
Pistol: 200 rounds

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