Combat Carbine




This course of instruction has been developed to introduce trainees to the techniques and procedures of the Redback One Combat Shooting System. Our combat shooting system equips students with the latest techniques and procedures in weapons handling and instills good combat habits through purposeful practice and repetition under the supervision of Redback One instructor cadre.  Students will be presented with the most current skills & drills designed to increase weapons handling efficiency, safety, target acquisition, engagement speed, and accuracy while maintaining a focus on the combat application of each drill.

This course provides students will critical skills in combat shooting and weapons handling specific to close quarters marksmanship as well as urban shooting skills and longer ranges. Close quarters marksmanship includes rifle presentations and integrated combat considerations, rifle to pistol transitions, individual recovery drills, shooting while moving, trigger management, sight management as well as combat and tactical reloading procedures. The urban shooting module teaches students how to utilize cover effectively and tactically while adopting various firing positions. Students will be trained in shooting skills from both sides of the body, how to operate the rifle with one hand when injured and how to control hemorrage using a tourniquet. Students will also learn how to shoot, move and communitate during dynamic training evolutions that have been developed to increase situational awareness and link elements of competency together during realistic engagement scenarios.

2 Days — $685.00

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RB1 cadre will deliver the instructional objectives through a recognized demonstration performance method of Explanation, Demonstration and Imitation or EDI. Students will received the information and points of performance through a thorough explanation then, students will receive a complete demonstration at various speeds to show performance requirements, technique and proper procedures in weapons handling and marksmanship. Once the information has been presented, our instructor cadre will proceed to student practice where each student will conduct individual practice of the skills required prior to receiving an instructional learning assessment where instructors will test each student and provide individual feedback on performance.  




All participants must have received basic carbine training from one of the following: RB1, military, law enforcement or a reputable training company.




  • Advanced Application of Marksmanship Fundamentals
  • Rifle Ready Positions
  • Rifle to Pistol Transitions
  • Pistol to Rifle Recovery and Check Drills
  • Combat & Tactical Reloads
  • Advanced Turns & Pivots
  • Weapon Stoppages & Clearance Procedures
  • Combat Shooting Standards Assessment


  • Trigger management of the pistol and rifle
  • Recoil Management
  • Sight Management & Target Focused Shooting
  • Shooting While Moving
  • Bilateral Shooting Skills
  • Barricaded Shooting 
  • Tactical Use of Cover & Positional Shooting Skills
  • Injury Drills & One Handed Weapons Handling




The following equipment list is considered to be the minimum standard for students to arrive with. Students may augment this list with other personal equipment as required.


  • Serviceable Carbine (Sling, Magazines, Optics, Light, Accessories)
  • Serviceable Pistol (Holster, Magazines, Light)
  • Body Armor, Tactical Over Vest or Battle Rig
  • Duty Belt 
  • Duty Uniform, Range Attire
  • Eye and Ear Protection


  • Cleaning Kit
  • Shooting Gloves (Optional)
  • Knee Protection (Optional)
  • Hydration Source 



  • Carbine - 1000 rounds 
  • Pistol - 400 rounds

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