Combat Carbine




This course of instruction was developed to provide students with education, training and advanced skill development in tactical shooting with both carbine and pistol. Students will receive education and training that has specifically been designed to increase safety, survivability and lethality.

Students will be trained in the techniques and procedures of the Redback One Combat Shooting System which presents students with industry leading training in safety, weapons handling and marksmanship to increase survivability and enhance kinetic methods of interdiction. The foundation of our methodology is to promote good combat behaviors or habits that directly relate to an increase in survivability. These behaviors are reinforced through realistic training drills, purposeful practice and repetition.

This course provides students will critical hard skills that specifically relate to operating within an urban environment. Day one will focus on close quarters marksmanship that includes rifle presentations, rifle to pistol transitions, individual recovery drills, shooting while moving, movement to cover, engaging threats from angles, trigger management, sight management and recoil management as well as combat and tactical reloading procedures.

Day two will focus on delivering the tactics, techniques and procedures needed to shoot, move and communicate in the urban landscape.  Students will receive training in how to select, occupy and use cover tactically while engaging targets from various firing positions. Students will be trained how to engage threats using both sides of the body, how to identify and clear stoppages quickly and efficiently and conduct fire and manuver drills to safely close distance with the threat. These drills will allow students to employ critical thinking and develop higher levels of situational awareness during a realistic urban engagement scenarios.

Students will be assessed throughout the course utilizing various assessment criteria that includes Redback One's Operator Standards drills, question and answer and instructor observations and feedback.

Students that successfully complete the course will receive a certificate of completion for their file.

2 Days

Open Enrollement


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Must be qualified in duty pistol and carbine




  • Lethality & Survivability brief
  • Advanced Application of Marksmanship Fundamentals
  • Rifle Ready Positions
  • Rifle-to-Pistol Transitions
  • Pistol to Rifle Recovery & Check Drills
  • Individual Protection Drill
  • Combat Reloads
  • Tactical Reloads
  • Development of Combat Behaviors
  • Engaging targets from the turn
  • Perception, Recognition & Acquisition drills
  • Weapon Stoppages & Clearance Procedures
  • Combat Shooting Operator Standards Assessment


  • Trigger management
  • Recoil Management
  • Sight Management
  • Target Focused Shooting
  • Shooting While Moving
  • Movement to Cover
  • Bilateral Shooting Skills
  • Barricaded Shooting 
  • Tactical Use of Cover
  • Positional Shooting Skills
  • Fire and Movement in pairs




The following equipment list is the minimum standard for students to arrive with. Students may augment this list with other personal equipment as required.


  • Carbine with Sling & Optic
  • 5 Carbine Magazines
  • Servicable Pistol
  • Holster & Pistol Belt
  • 3 Pistol Magazines
  • Body Armor
  • Ability to reload from the belt or body
  • Eye Protection

  • Ear Protection
  • Range Attire
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Shooting Gloves (Optional)
  • Knee Protection (Optional)
  • Hydration Source 



  • Carbine - 800 rounds 
  • Pistol - 400 rounds

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