RB1 Enhanced Combat Sights — Tritium

RedBack One

Stay on Target

Fits Glock: 17, 17L, 19, 22-28, 31-35, 37-39

Whether you are carrying your pistol on operations in enemy held hostile environments overseas, carrying it on your side protecting our streets on the thin blue line or protecting yourself and your family as a responsible law-abiding armed citizen, the Redback One Enhanced Combat Sights (ECS) are the perfect choice for your Glock handgun. 

Our Enhanced Combat Sights have been designed and developed from the ground up by Jason Falla, former Australian SASR assaulter now world class combat shooting & tactics instructor.


  • Serrated Edge Vertical Face for positive control during one-handed manipulations and injury drills.
  • Set screw decreases zero-shift.
  • The forward slant and antiglare serrations provide a sharp sight package in the natural or artificial light.
  • The wide rear aperture allows for fast front sight acquisition during Close Quarters Combat engagements and features right angle cuts for definitive sight picture solutions. 
  • The sights won’t rub on your body or catch your garments because of the chamfered edges so they're perfect for concealed carry and low visibility operations. 
  • The extended rear sight finishing at the end of the slide extends the sight radius and increases accuracy. 


  • Features the same slope angle as the rear sight making for a crisp tip to focus on during combat engagements.
  • Antiglare serrated front makes sight acquisition fast and clear when shooting in the natural or artificial light.
  • The .215 tall front and rear sight allow the shooter to engage targets from 0-100 meters without changing the point of aim.
  • The .125 wide front post is super fast to find during combat shooting and only covers a minimal amount of the target when shooting at range making it easy to find the center and guarantee good shot placement even at extreme ranges! 
  • The .60 Tritium filled vial is perfectly positioned as high up on the front post as possible providing a great reference point during low light conditions.
  • The vertical face provides an alternative to the rear sight for racking and clearing stoppages with one hand.
  • The precision tooling provides a snug fit for your pistol, creating a solid mount to maximize accuracy. 



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