This 3-Day course has been developed to provide law enforcement firearms instructors with a practical train-the-trainer program in implementing red-dot sights on duty handguns.

The aim of this course is to increase the weapons handling skills, technical knowledge, and instructional attributes of law enforcement trainers inthe fundamental, technical and tactical aspects of employing red-dot sights on duty handguns. The information and skills learnt on this course will allow trainee instructors to build out and teach a red-dot sight pistol course for their agencies


During this course our instructors will present course information using adult learning methods that includes the use of experiential self-directed learning and problem solving that is organized around job application. Our instructors will integrate experiences, concepts, and observations to facilitate understanding and direction in support of short-term memory uptake and procedural memory transfer. Skills training will be used to modify specific behaviors or habits and develop new behaviors to deeper their learning and improve performance. By utilizing this coaching methodology, we can unlock our student's potential to maximize their own performance, helping them learn rather than teaching them.

3 Days - $900.00

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6 - 8 November 2023

Wytheville, Virginia


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Full time Law Enforcement Officer.



  • Positive and negative aspects of red dot reflex sights on duty handguns
  • Reflex sight selection and mounting options
  • Care and maintenance of pistol mounted reflex sights
  • Application of marksmanship fundamentals with pistol mounted optics
  • Correct zeroing procedures for pistol mounted optics
  • Understanding and managing reflex sight malfunctions
  • Utilizing alternate methods of engagement with occluded objective lens
  • Utilizing back up iron sights with pistol mounted optics
  • Improving the draw to first shot and dot acquisition
  • Improving positive threat identification with pistol mounted optics
  • Improving recoil management and minimizing dot displacement
  • All students will complete the RB1 RDS Pistol Operator Standards
  • Propper scanning procedures and avoiding tunnel vision
  • Applying the three pillars to successful engagements
  • Sight management while moving and shooting
  • Sight management when engaging multiple targets
  • Methods to assist in clearing stoppages with pistol mounted optics
  • Improving sight acquisition after weapons manipulation
  • Common problems when shooting under low light conditions with pistol mounted optics
  • Utilizing cover and engaging targets using various firing positions
  • Strong and support hand only shooting techniques
  • Benefits of reflex sights during injured shooter drills and operating the handgun with one hand



    The following equipment list is considered to be the minimum standard for students to arrive with. Students may augment this list with other personal equipment as required.


    • Pistol with Reflex Sight Mounted
    • Weapon Mounted Light
    • Holster
    • Magazine carrier
    • 3 Magazines
    • Body Armor


    • Duty Belt
    • Eye Protection
    • Hearing Protection
    • Uniform or Range Attire
    • Tourniquet & Blow Out Kit
    • Water Source



    • 1000 Rounds of Training Ammunition
    • 50 Rounds of Duty Ammunition for Zeroing

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