Level 3 – Night vision Operations 




This 3-day/30hr course of instruction has been developed to provide improved tactics, enhance current capability and provide flexibility to commanders by presenting alternate clearance options for mulitple, high-risk entry situations. By the end of this course, trainees will have developed and increased individual and team level skills while integrating night fighting equipment during slow and deliberate close quarters battle. Trainees will be taught in a progressive crawl, walk, run approach in advanced weapons handling techniques and procedures while wearing night fighting equipment and the TTP’s for conducting deliberate close quarters battle for high threat environments. 

Trainees will be taught procedures to increase officer safety, mitigate risk to public and maintain a tactical advantage to ensure mission success. The training progression of this course will require trainees to perform dry fire training in order to practice and refine techniques, followed by live fire drills for battle inoculation and finally to the use of non-lethal training ammunition and reality-based force on force training to allow the trainees to validate the techniques taught.  

Students attending this course should be qualified SWAT / ESU officers with a solid understanding of Close Quarters Battle tactics and procedures. 

3 Days — $750

Prices vary for group and departmental bookings


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  • Students should be Military Personnel or Qualified SWAT or ESU/SRT Members.

learning objectives:


  • Conduct advanced training in weapons handling for CQB while wearing NFE
  • Complete a live fire validation range practice IAW RB1 CQBCT requirements.
  • Understand engagement limitations and techniques to increase positive target ID while wearing NFE
  • Display situational awareness as an assault team member.
  • Employ Deliberate CQB room combat techniques.
  • Employ thresh-hold clearing options prior to entering a room.
  • Enter a corner fed room as a two and four-man element.
  • Enter a center fed room as a two and four-man element.
  • Utilize the strong-wall and points of penetration to penetrate a room.
  • Employ room clearing techniques to negotiate the basic 10 room scenarios
  • Understand and employ deconfliction measures on adjoining rooms and common wall doors. 


  • Understand and employ the head check prior to moving past an open door.
  • Understand and employ hallway control and barricaded movement techniques.
  • Understand and employ point security while in hallways.
  • Understand the duties of the 2-man during hallway movements.
  • Understand and employ control measures to include restraints and constraints of movement during deliberate CQB.
  • Understand and employ measures to mitigate indiscriminate fire and soft wall threats.
  • Understand and employ measures to manage actions on casualty, weapon stoppages and unknowns during clearance.
  • Participate in live fire indoor, multi room, combat range practice in a darkened environment while employing NVG’s and IR Lasers. Employ Deliberate CQB room combat techniques.





  • Service Carbine with sling, weapon mounted light, combat optic
  • (4) carbine magazines
  • Service Pistol with weapon light,
  • (3) pistol magazines
  • Magazine carriers/ pouch (carbine & pistol)
  • Gun belt with holster
  • Body Armor
  • Ballistic Helmet with NVG mount
  • Night Vision Goggles (Dual tubes preferred)
  • IR Laser / Illuminator
  • Shooting Gloves


  • Non Lethal Training Weapons (Pistol & Carbine) 
  • Safety equipment for Reality Based Training
  • Duty uniform
  • Suitable footwear
  • Hearing protection
  • Eye protection
  • Note book & pen
  • Cleaning kit
  • Water source
  • Head lamp
  • Flashlight hand held



  • Carbine - 200 rounds
  • Pistol - 50 rounds
  • Non Lethal Training Ammunition - 300 rounds

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