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The 2-Day Close Quarters Combat Shooting Course has been developed to teach students the core competences of the Redback One Combat Shooting System. This course introduces students to pistol techniques and integrates pistol and carbine to teach students how to handle and operate both weapon systems in a tactical environment. This course will increase individual skills and mastery of the fundamentals with both pistol and carbine using the Redback One Combat Shooting System. 

Students will build upon core skills with both weapons and learn how to reduce reaction time, increase speed presenting each weapon from the ready as well as decrease time shot to shot, allowing the shooter to engage targets faster. The course will balance speed, efficiency, and accuracy through repetition to ensure that each student reaches a proficient standard. As with all Redback One courses, this course will focus on two key aspects; weapon handling skills and marksmanship fundamentals.

2 Days — $575

Prices vary for group and departmental bookings


23–28 February 2018 

City Location, CA — Venue Location


23–28 February 2018

City Location, CA — Venue LocationPRIVATE COURSE

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This is an intermediate level course.All participants must have received basic pistol and basic carbine training from one of the following: Redback One, Military, Law Enforcement or a reputable training company.




  • Redback One Combat Shooting System 
  • Combat Shooting Fundamentals 
  • Ready Positions 
  • Follow Through & Scanning Procedures 
  • The Draw Stroke 
  • Sight Management 
  • Trigger Management
  • Recoil Management
  • Multiple Targets & Target Transitions
  • Combat & Tactical Reloads


  • Barrel and Sight Offset
  • Rifle Ready Positions 
  • Transitioning to Pistol 
  • Individual Protection Drills
  • Recovery Drills16. Rifle Combat & Tactical Reloads
  • Stoppage Clearances
  • Barricaded Shooting
  • Bi-lateral Shooting Skills
  • Shooting on the Move
  • Shooting Assessments - ORT




The following equipment list is considered to be the minimum standard for students to arrive with. Students may augment this list with other personal equipment as required.


  • Carbine or Rifle w/ Sling, Optics and Accessories
  • Pistol w/ Holster
  • Carbine Magazines (4 minimum)
  • Carbine magazine pouches (mounted to belt or vest)
  • Pistol Magazines (3 minimum) 


  • Belt 
  • Range attire 
  • Weapon cleaning kit with sectional rods & lubrication supplies 
  • Eye and ear protection (Electronic Ear Pro Preferred) 
  • Hydration source 




Carbine - 1000 rounds 

Pistol - 500 rounds

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