Level 1 — low visibility Survivability Course




This 10-day Low Visibility - Mobile Force Protection program is developed to provide attendees with initial training in low visibility combat shooting and advanced vehicle counter ambush tactics. 

This course commences with a 5-day block of instruction where attendees will be taught the Redback One low visibility combat shooting system. Attendees will then progress to the advanced shooting and tactics phase where they will be taught how to shoot, move and communicate through a dynamic and challenging series of lessons and practical exercises designed to develop collective skills in vehicle counter ambush procedures, land warfare, and urban combat. 

During this course of instruction attendees will perform all individual learning objectives using live fire ammunition. The final two days of this program will be dedicated to acheiving competencies through reality based training. Attendees will move through a series of complex, mini tactical scenarios incorporating role players and force on force using non lethal training ammunition.

Our Low Visibility Survivability Programs are scalable in terms of content and duration and customizable to the requirements of the client.




Military & U.S Government only.

All other information regarding this training program is strictly per client request.

If requesting details, please request from your Military or U.S. Goverment email account.

10 Days

This program is customized per client's training needs, therefore costs vary. 


Contact us for pricing details or to host course.

* Dates are subject to change.

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