Advanced Pistol & Rifle




This course of instruction has been developed to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in combat shooting with both pistol and rifle. This demanding and fast-paced course leverages off previous instructiton in tactical pistol and carbine skills. Students will be taught advanced concepts and methods in combat shooting and tested using our advanced combat shooting standards. Students will be critiqued heavily on weapons handling procedures and their efficiancy of movement. The advanced combat shooting standards have a faster time requirement than the operator standards and the target size is smaller making engagements more precise in a shorter timeline. 

During this course, individual performance data will be collected and documented by our cadre and then analized to provide analitical quantifiable feedback to each student and measured against our tiered performance structure. The data feedback provides students with an actual baseline of performance and provides a clear path forward to excellence. 

The course will commence with an advanced pistol skills module that is conducted in isolation to focus specifically on enhancing speed of engagements with an emphasis on accuracy to directly increase individual lethality with the pistol. Our cadre will concentrate on developing individual weapons handling skills and building good combat habits in each student in order to increase survivability. 

Training will continue on day two with lessons that integrate advanced pistol and rifle skills where students will receive lessons in advanced concepts and methods in close quarters combat shooting. Training will focus on engagement speed, surgical accuracy and weapons handling skills with both pistol and carbine as well as building on good combat habits. Students will be assessed using the Operator Readiness Test at the completion of day two 

During day three, students will receive training in barricaded shooting, bilateral shooting skills, positional shooting and identifying and clearing advanced stoppages with both the pistol and carbine. Students will be assessed in their ability to perform these skills and engage targets within specified advanced combat shooting time standards. Students will undergo final assessment in advanced combat shooting standards and the ORT at the completion of day three. Data will be collected on each student and information will be analized,  extrapolated and compared to day one results in order to generate before and after comparisons. 

3 Days — $800.00

Prices vary for group and departmental bookings


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Basic pistol and basic carbine knowledge and operation skills. 




  • RB1 Advanced Combat Shooting Standards
  • Advanced Trigger Management 
  • Advanced Sight Management
  • Rapid Aiming Method
  • Recoil Management 
  • Multiple Targets & Target Transitions 
  • Shooting on the Move with Pistol & Carbine
  • Development of good Combat Habits
  • Combat & Tactical Reloads 


  • Rifle to Pistol Transitions
  • Pistol to Rifle Recovery
  • Individual Protection Drill 
  • Advanced Stoppage Clearances 
  • Dynamic Weapons Handling Skills
  • Advanced Turning Procedures
  • Bilateral Switch Shoulder Shooting Skills 
  • Barricaded Shooting 
  • Operator Readiness Test




The following equipment list is considered to be the minimum standard for students to arrive with. Students may augment this list with other personal equipment as required.


  • Range Attire
  • Sturdy Footwear
  • Servicable Rifle
  • Weapon Sling
  • Combat Optic
  • 5 Rifle Magazines


  • Servicable Pistol
  • Holster with belt
  • 3 Pistol Magazines
  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection  
  • Hydration Source




Carbine - 1000 rounds

Pistol - 750 rounds

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