My Preferred Weapon - The KAC SR16

My Preferred Weapon - The KAC SR16

July 17, 2018

You've seen me shoot it but I wanted to share with you some reason's why the KAC SR16 is my preferred weapon. Two critical features that I look for in a service carbine are reliability and accuracy, the SR16 gives me both.

The KAC SR16 has everything that I need in a carbine to help me perform at my best. The 11.5" free floated barrel gives me the ability to stabilize heavier grain military ammo with increased muzzle velocity over shorter barrels, providing me with excellent accuracy to consistently hit targets at 500m.

The three prong kill flash muzzle device works great and does a nice job of reducing signature, especially at night and when combined with the QDC CQB suppressor, there is even greater signature reduction. The suppressor maintains great repeatability due to the ball detent locking collar making for a solid mount to achieve accurate rounds on target every time.

The two stage trigger is very responsive and allows me to increase my shooting tempo and decrease split times during recoil management and sustained fire drills.

The styling of the SR16 is forward leaning with cutting edge designs and features such as, right side bolt release as well as proprietary safety levers, bolt catch and mag release and options for MLOK or Key Mod on the KAC URX4.0 fore end.

The engineering that goes into these weapons stems from the AR-15 brainchild, Eugene Stoner which is why it performs so well and is designated an SR, which stands for Stoner Rifle.

As for the SR16 being able to handle a variety of ammo, it does just that! I train a lot of clients who utilize different ammo, so it's important that my guns cycle both commercial and military grade ammunition without causing stoppages, allowing my weapons to function properly.

Overall I couldn't be happier with this weapon system and I'm proud to have the support of a leading weapons manufacturer, Knight's Armament Company.

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