A brief history with me and Knight's Armament Company.

A brief history with me and Knight's Armament Company.

December 12, 2018

My history of using Knight's Armament Company products began during my service with the Australian Defence Force and the Australian Special Operations Command. I remember being issued one of the first M4 enhancement kits which were purchased to enhance and upgrade weapons suites for the Counter Terrorist mission. I was issued a Colt M4, a KAC M203, a KAC Remington 870 Police Master Key Shotgun, NT4 Suppressor, KAC rails and vertical fore grip. Our snipers were issued several weapons suites for various tasks that included the KAC SR25 rifles and we also fielded the KAC Stand Alone adapter for either the Shotgun or the M203. At that time, KAC were manufacturing in Vero Beach, Florida and I remember saying that I'd like to visit there one day to see what it was all about.

Fast forward 10 years and here I am shooting KAC rifles and products on a daily basis during our training programs for U.S Military, Law Enforcement and law abiding Citizens.

A few years ago, I was looking to settle in with a major weapons manufacturer to be able to provide a marketing resource as well as provide valuable feedback and data on the performance of the weapon systems from purely a training standpoint. Data that could be collected included wear and tear, life span of barrels, lubricant performance, number of stoppages incurred over time, life span of other parts as well. Not only could I provide data feedback but also provide a unique marketing opportunity for the company to be able to present their products in front of our customers which would generate great exposure for the product and the brand especially into areas that the said company is looking to influence.

I narrowed my search down to four companies and sat down in meetings with key individuals from each company during Shot Show and had great conversations with them all. I presented my case and desire to work along side their company in efforts to build their brand awareness as well as build our own. Following the meetings, I reflected back on them all and assessed each company's strengths and weaknesses as well as their offers that were put before me. 

As a result of these meetings, I selected Knight's Armament Company as the most suitable for our needs at Redback One, and the one company that I felt an immediate connection with and one that I felt I could best represent and who would best represent me and our brand.

My left and right of arc were pretty simple...

1. The company must manufacture military spec weapons.

2. The company must be currently manufacturing and supplying complete guns to the Military.

3. The company must be an industry leader but more importantly forward leaning within the industry to be not only open to this idea but be open to new ideas also.

The third point was the most important to me as we believe that our training company is an industry leader and forward leaning to be able to develop new ideas and help drive the industry as well as present the most relevant and up to date curriculum.

Knight's Armament Company was the standout in this criteria by far. KAC are not only an industry leader and forward leaning but are filled with very good people, my kind of people. Having the right people means more in business than the product. Because with the right people on board, you can go anywhere.

I trusted my life to KAC products while serving in the Special Operations Command. I fought the enemy in East Timor with KAC products. I fought the enemy in Afghanistan with KAC and again in Iraq. There is no better quality of weapons and no better quality of people than at KAC...the kind that I would trust my life to!


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