Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle Course




Our Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle Course is a 3-day course that is structured to train students in rifle/carbine skills and techniques to safely carry, control, handle and operate the patrol rifle in various law enforcment situations.

Students will receive professional instructor led training that will commence in the classroom and will include patrol rifle safety, why safety violations occur and how to prevent them, nomenclature and tabulated data, stripping and assembling the patrol rifle, care and maintenance and procedures to safely handle, check and clear the rifle, marksmanship fundamentals and correct zeroing procedures.

Practical lessons will cover, gear and rifle set up, loading and unloading procedures, deploying from cruiser or patrol ready, adopting correct ready positions for firing, fields of fire, fields of view and correct scanning and assessing procedures for day and night operations.

During the weapons handling modules officers will learn how to conduct the immediate action drill when incurring a weapon stoppage and safely conduct a transition to the handgun. Time will be spent on rectifying common weapons stoppages including, empty magazines, failure to fire, failure to feed, failure to extract, double feeds and an introduction to the brass over bolt clearance procedures.

Officers will be tested throughout the course using criterion referrenced assessments and shooting standards commensurate with the course objectives. Testing will include timed standards that will be graded in three categories speed, accuracy and weapons handling procedures. Feedback and critiques will be consistent with instructor observations and practical shooting assessments.

By the end of the course officers will be deemed competent to safely carry, control, handle and operate the patrol rifle.

3 Days — $900.00

Prices vary for group and departmental bookings


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1. Applicant must be a full-time law enforcement officer/agent with arrest authority in the prevention, detection, apprehension, detention and/or investigation of felony and/or misdemeanor violations of federal, state, local, tribal, or military criminal laws or active military.
2. Must be in good physical condition with no medical restrictions.
3. Must have completed a basic law enforcement academy.




  •  Introductions & course administration
  • Patrol Rifle Safety Lecture
  • Characteristics & Nomenclature
  • Stripping, Assembly of the Patrol Rifle
  • Care & Maintenance, Clearning
  • Basic Rifle Ballistics
  • Zeroing Procedures (Iron sights & Optic)
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Gear placement and set up
  • Zeroing Procedures (Practical)
  • Loading & Unloading Procedures & Chamber Checks
  • Ready Positions (high ready, low ready, threat ready)
  • Fields of View & Fields of Fire
  • Scanning, Assessing & Situational Awareness
  • Systems Checks & Equipment Checks


  • Barrel Sight Relationship 5-25yrds
  • Transitioning to Secondary Weapon
  • Recovery & Individual Protection Drills
  • Combat Reloading Procedures
  • Tactical Reloads Procedures
  • Shooting While Moving
  • Immediate Action & Stoppage Clearances
  • Trigger Managment
  • Recoil Management
  • Multiple Targets & Prioritizing Threats
  • Use of Cover & Tactical Shooting Positions
  • Low Light Engagements
  • Movement to Cover & Barricaded Shooting
  • Patrol Rifle Qualification
  • Close Quarters Shooting Standards




The following equipment list is considered to be the minimum standard for students to arrive with. Students may augment this list with other personal equipment as required.


  • Patrol Rifle with Sling, Optic & Flashlight
  • 5 Magazines
  • Body Armor with Magazine Pouches
  • Duty Handgun with Tac LIght
  • Duty Belt & Holster
  • 3 Pistol Magazines

  • Range attire 
  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection (Electronic Preferred)
  • Weapon cleaning kit & lubrication
  • Spare Batteries
  • Hydration source 


  • Carbine - 1000 rounds 
  • Pistol - 200 rounds

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