Level 2 Night Operations Advanced Shooting




This 3-Day/ 24hr intermediate level course of instruction has been developed to train and qualify attendees in the advanced application, employment and integration of image intensified Visual Augmentation Systems including Night Vision Goggles and both visible and infra red aiming laser and illuminator during combat shooting and close quarters battle. 

Practical exercises will consist of intermediate to advanced level live fire combat shooting techniques at close quarters and medium ranges, by day and night incorporating the use of organic night fighting equipment. Students will participate in assessments that have been designed to evaluation students ability to accurately engaged targets under stress as well as operate night vision equipment during limited deliberate CQB scenarios. 

Attendee’s will participate in training evolutions designed to develop situation awareness, enhance individual skills and targeting, improve the overall night fighting capability of the team and increase individual capability to operate and fight at night in a close quarters combat environment.

3 Days — $695

Prices vary for group and departmental bookings


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Full time law enforcement or active duty military.




  • Review Night Fighting Equipment (NFE), capabilities and new equipment
  • Zero in-service IR laser and engage targets at close quarters and intermediate ranges
  • Complete validation range practices IAW RB1 CQB CT & Land Warfare requirements
  • Perform advanced level weapons drills with current CQB weapons by day and night
  • Display situational awareness as an assault team member
  • Perform advanced close quarters shooting techniques by day and night
  • Employ limited deliberate CQB room combat techniques by day and night, incorporating NVG’s & IR Lasers systems
  • Participate in indoor, multi room, combat range practice, in a darkened enrironment as part of an assault team




  • Review Equipment set up and new equipment
  • Zeroing procedures for day & night
  • Advanced combat shooting
  • Ready positions
  • Rifle to pistol tranistions
  • Reloading
  • Stoppage clearances
  • Shooting while moving


  • Positional shooting
  • Advanced turns
  • Barricaded shooting
  • Shoulder transitions
  • Advanced passive & active targeting application
  • Advanced intermediate range engagements
  • Close quarters live fire validation
  • Intermediate range live fire validation 




The following equipment list is considered to be the minimum standard for students to arrive with. Students may augment this list with other personal equipment as required.


  • Ballistic helmet
  • Level IIIA body armor with hard protective inserts
  • Ballistic eyewear
  • NVG’s (Dual Tube Preferred)
  • IR Laser / Illuminator
  • Hearing Protection
  • Gloves suitable for shooting
  • Combat uniform
  • Tactical duty belt
  • Pistol Holster
  • Magazine carrier, rifle (enough for 3 magazines)
  • Magazine carrier, pistol (enough for 2 magazines)
  • Magazines, rifle x 4
  • Magazines, pistol x 3


  • Carbine
  • Combat optic
  • Combat sling
  • Weapon mounted light
  • Issued Pistol with weapons mounted light
  • Weapons cleaning kit
  • Water Bottle or equivalent
  • Boots/suitable footwear
  • Note taking materials 
  • Inclement weather gear (seasonally appropriate) 
  • Batteries for all equipment




Carbine - 1000 rounds 

Pistol - 500 rounds

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