The Integrated Close Combat (ICC) course is designed to enable operators to regain or maintain the initiative during a close quarters combat encounter. The ICC course leverages off the foundational fighting skills of the IFS program and integrates weapons and equipment into team based close quarters combat tactics, techniques and procedures. This course will teach students the SOP's to dominate and control the situation while maintaining security and managing non-compliant personnel encountered during entry.

This 5-day course of instruction commences with students being educated on the linkage to the tactics, mission sets and SOP's where close combat becomes combatives. Students will learn how to apply techniques and procedures during close quarters battle while wearing full assault kit. Students will learn how operators not involved in the immediate combative encounter can support a specific task to achieve mission success. Students will learn how to integrate the primary weapon system, secondary weapon as well as tertiary weapons including edged weapons.

During this course students will learn how to fight while wearing assault equipment, conduct weapons retention and transitions when weapons are offline or ineffective due to the situation. Students will be taught techniques and procedures to engage and neutrilize threats at extreme close quarters, using retention shooting, instinctive shooting and target focused shooting drills. Students will learn how to transition and utilize fixed blade edged weapons to regain the initiative during close combat. Students will learn how to fight and neutrilize multiple assailants as an individual and as a team. Students will integrate CQB tactics during room combat drills that have been designed to provide opportunites to employ team level close combat SOP's to dominate the room, neutralize threats and control the situation. Students attending this course will be introduced to confined space combatives and vehicle extractions of non compliant personnel.

As with the IFS course, this course will contain a module of reality based training and force on force where the tactics, techniques and procedures will be proven out with the aid of role players, non-lethal man marking training ammunition and a series of vingnette mini tactical scenarios.




Law Enforcement, Military

5 Days

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