All Instructor Master-Level courses are taught using the RB1 Training System by experienced veterans. The RB1 Training System is a progressive, repeatable and teachable methodology that is used and proven by Government, Law Enforcement, and Military professionals.


Law enforcement firearms instructor Course

This 5-Day / 40hr course of instruction have been developed to qualify selected personnel as competent in the skills and knowledge required to be a law enforcement firearms instructor. During this course students will be trained in the skills, knowledge and attitudes to become an effective instructor and supervisor of a firearms training program.

Duration: 5 days

CQB Shoot House Instructor

This 5-Day course of instruction will provide instructors with policy framework to write safety policies and standard operating procedures for their CQB training facilities. Students will be instructed in all aspects of shoot house safety and set up and will move through a series of classroom lecture combined with practical exercies designed to practice student instructors in range safety, set up and execution of live fire CQB range practices while under the supervision of Redback One CQB RSO's.

Duration: 5 days



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