Individual Fighting Skills (IFS)Course




The Individual Fighting Skills (IFS) course is designed to enable operators to regain or maintain the initiative during a close quarters combat encounter. The IFS course delivers the foundational fighting skills and components of hand to hand combat, extreme close quarters shooting and fighting in confined spaces in order to train the operator in the baseline techniques that will enable him to survive and win a close quarters combat engagement.

This 5-day course of instruction commences with students being educated on combatives as opposed to combat sports and martial arts. Students will learn about mindset requirements for close quarters combat and be given a structed approach to combatives.

Students will be taught core combavtives techniques that will include basic striking angles of movement, blocks, range management and closing the gap. Training will continue with offensive and defensive striking techniques and dirty boxing. Students will learn takedowns and takedown defense as well as fundamentals of fighting from the ground and from the guard.

Training will progress to combining elements of competency that will include stand up fighting, striking combinations, ground fighting and grappling. Trainees will be taught techniques in extreme close quarters shooting and transitioning to and working with edged weapons.

This training course will cover procedures in suspect and detainee handling that will include techniques to control and cuff compliant and non-compliant suspects or detainees, how to approach the subject, take downs, control positions, and cuffing procedures as a single operator as well as procedures for two operators.

This course will contain a module of reality based training and force on force where the tactics, techniques and procedures will be proved out with the aid of role players, non-lethal man marking training ammunition and a series of vingnette mini tactical scenarios.




Law Enforcement, Military

5 Days

Program costs will vary based on contract requirements.


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