High Threat 

Concealed Pistol




This course has been developed to provide the student with a high level of proficiency when carrying a concealed firearm as the primary weapon. Students will acquire the knowledge, skills and mindset necessary to be deemed competent to deploy the handgun using low visibility techniques in a high threat environment. Students will be trained to respond to threat stimulus and deploy offensive countermeasures by way of kinetic or non-kinetic methods in order to neutralize threats. This course will address limited close quarters fighting techniques and utilizing auxiliary weapons to mitigate threats at extreme close quarters.  

2 Days — $575

Minimum of 15 students

Prices vary for group and departmental bookings


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Must Have attended a Redback One Pistol Course or equivalent




  • Carriage of the pistol in a high threat environment
  • Employ Marksmanship Fundamentals
  • Operate the pistol from concealment
  • Identify and Clear Stoppages
  • Employ principles of close quarters fighting
  • Employ pistol from concealment from various fighting positions
  • Employ barricaded shooting techniques
  • Engage multiple targets using target priority
  • Employ ROE and escalation of force options
  • Engage targets while moving
  • Operate the pistol using dominant hand only
  • Operate the pistol using the non-dominant hand only
  • Successfully complete live fire validation (IAW RB1-L2 -LVP requirements)




  • Holster selection and placement
  • Magazine carrier selection and placement
  • Flashlight options & considerations
  • Safety while carrying a concealed pistol
  • Deploying the pistol from concealment
  • Combat marksmanship fundamentals
  • Loading and unloading procedures
  • Ready positions
  • Drawing techniques
  • Barricaded shooting techniques
  • Multiple targets and target priority

  • Engage targets on the move
  • Auxiliary weapons
  • Limited close quarters fighting
  • Extreme close quarters shooting
  • Reloading from concealment
  • Stoppage clearances
  • Shooting positions
  • Dominant hand only
  • Non-dominant hand only
  • validation assessment




The following equipment list is considered to be the minimum standard for students to arrive with. Students may augment this list with other personal equipment as required.


  • Civilian clothing to include range pants, cover garments and footwear
  • Electronic ear protection
  • Eye protection
  • Concealment holster (Inside and outside the waistband)
  • Concealment magazine holder for up to two spare magazines
  • Fixed blade belt mounted


  • Service pistol and minimum of (3) magazines
  • Concealment body armor with strike-plates
  • Flashlight (either weapon mounted or hand held)
  • Tourniquet
  • Body armor
  • Note book and pen
  • Cleaning kit
  • Water source




Pistol - 1000 rounds

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