ADVANCED Vehicle Tactics




This Law Enforcement Mobile Force Protection course covers advanced combat marksmanship with the duty handgun and patrol rifle, ballistics demonstration on the effects of high and low velocity rounds fired though mediums and intermediate barriers, gaining access & extricating subjects from vehicles, using vehicles for cover, actions on contact, counter ambush drills, breaking contact, security considerations, tactical movement and communication.

Students will receive in depth training on the effects of weapons fired through barriers such as auto glass, door panels and masonry. Students will learn the effects of shooting through glass and engage targets by shooting through the windshield from both inside a vehicle and outside with the duty pistol and patrol rifle. Students will receive training on dedicated and improvised methods of breaking glass in order to extricate subjects from vehicles. Students will learn how to use vehicles as cover and engage targets utilizing vehicles as cover out to 100 meters.

Students will be trained in the latest techniques of Vehicle Counter Ambush Drills in both urban and rural terrain from the front, rear and sides and participate in live fire contact, break contact and officer down rescue drills. Students will be required to perform bail out drills in an urban environment, break contact, establish security, communicate and assess and dominate the contact site. This course culminates with scenario-based training that will test the ability of each student to apply all aspects of the training course in a realistic training environment. 

5 Days — $995

Prices vary for group and departmental bookings


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3 Days — $695

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25–27 March 2020

Casa Grande, AZ


* Dates are subject to change.



Full Time Law Enforcement Officer

Patrol Rifle Qualified




  • Engage targets with primary and secondary weapons at various ranges using advanced combat marksmanship techniques.
  • Understand the ballistic effects of weapons when fired through intermediate barriers and mediums.
  • Familiarize students with employing duty weapons from within a vehicle while conducting live fire counter ambush scenarios. 
  • Familiarize students with how to effectively employ duty weapons while using vehicles as cover. 
  • Understand how to disable vehicles using available weapons during high-risk vehicle stops. 
  • Demonstrate techniques in gaining access to suspects and extricating subjects. 
  • Perform live fire vehicle extrication and officer down recovery. 
  • Perform live fire actions on contact and break contact on foot. 
  • Perform live fire counter ambush drills by day and night with duty equipment. 
  • Participate in force on force final training exercise.




  • Advanced Weapons Handling
  • Terminal Ballistics Lab
  • Urban Combat Shooting
  • Threat Engagements from within the Vehicle
  • Engaging threats through intermediate barriers
  • Vehicle Counter Ambush Drill (Front)
  • Vehicle Counter Ambush Drill (Sides)


  • Vehicle Counter Ambush Drill (Rear)
  • Methods of breaking glass and subject extrication
  • Officer Down Recovery
  • Tactical Emergency Combat Care Brief
  • Application of Direct Threat Care
  • Tourniquet Application & Haemostatic Agents
  • Force on Force - Reality Based Training




The following equipment list is considered to be the minimum standard for students to arrive with. Students may augment this list with other personal equipment as required.


  • Carbine, optic, flashlight, sling
  • Full Long Sleeve Protective Uniform & Duty footwear
  • Full Duty Load-Out
  • Body Armour
  • (4) Rifle mags and pouches


  • Duty Pistol with 3 magazines
  • Duty Belt & Holster
  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection
  • Gloves




Carbine - 1000 rounds 

Pistol - 750 rounds

Sim/UTM - 200 rounds

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