Close Quarters Battle

CQB Shoot House Instructor




This course of instruction has been developed to provide law enforcement instructors with the knowledge and skills to safely set up a live fire shoot house and supervise students conducting live fire CQB training activities as part of an initial CQB training program or department CQB sustainment training.

This 5-Day course of instruction will provide instructors with current tactics, techniques and procedures in CQB and standard operating procedures for the conduct of CQB within their training facilities. Students will be instructed in CQB Safety SOP, room combat and set up procedures, target placement, safety equipment for students and range safety officers, safe weapon handling procedures, multi-room combat SOP's, the integration of advanced training and methods of entry, breaching restraints, hallway movement and deconfliction procedures, multi-level assaults, emergency procedures and medical emergencies.

All CQB programs are conducted at client-specified training facility utilizing our flyaway, Mobile Training Team. Courses can be modified to meet training facility requirements and delivered in either live fire or non-live fire formats using non-lethal training ammunition, man-marking cartridges.

5 Days — $995

Prices vary for group and departmental bookings


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Full-time law enforcement officer or active duty military.




  • Safety SOP's
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Range Appointments
  • Medical responsibilities
  • Range Rafety Briefs
  • Safety standards for CQB range practices
  • Student competency requirements
  • Safe Training Progression
  • CQB Room Combat Procedures
  • CQB Room to Room Combat Procedures
  • CQB Hallway Procedures


  • Multi-Level Assault Deconfliction
  • Stairwell Procedures
  • Room Combat Scenario Development
  • Target placement
  • Ammunition restrictions
  • Method of Entry Training
  • Safety equipment
  • Range Safety Violations
  • Range Safety Officers
  • Non-Lethal Training Ammunition & Safety SOP's
  • Accelerated Learning Methods
  • Instructor Teach Backs




The following equipment list is considered to be the minimum standard for students to arrive with. Students may augment this list with other personal equipment as required.


  • Ballistic helmet
  • Body Armor
  • Ballistic eye wear
  • Hearing Protection
  • Gloves suitable for shooting
  • Combat uniform
  • Tactical duty belt
  • Pistol Holster
  • Magazine carrier, rifle
  • Magazine carrier, pistol


  • 5 Rifle Magazines
  • 3 Pistol Magazines
  • Carbine with Combat optic, sling and weapon mounted light
  • Pistol with weapons mounted light
  • Hand held flashlight
  • Batteries for all equipment
  • Boots or suitable footwear
  • Note taking materials (on the man at all times)
  • Non-Lethal Training Weapons
  • Non-Lethal Training Ammunition (NLTA)




Carbine - 200 rounds live ammunition

Carbine - 200 rounds NLTA

Pistol - 200 rounds live ammunition

Pistol - 200 rounds NLTA

Ammunition type should be consistent with shoot house restrictions. 

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