Our Combatives programs have been developed to enable operators to regain or maintain the initiative during a close quarters combat situation in the event that use of the primary and, or secondary weapon are not able to be employed. Our combatives curriculum leverages off skills created by our Combat Shooting Skills courses and trains the operator to employ lethal or less than lethal force options based on rules of engagement and escalation of force continums. Our combatives courses have been designed to maximize the individual skills of the operator and create opportunities for team members to assist where the situation dictates. These courses are aimed at teaching the student sound core skills that can be employed with discretion to suit a wide spectrum of operations.



The Individual Fighting Skills (IFS) course is designed to enable operators to regain or maintain the initiative during a close quarters combat encounter. The IFS course delivers the foundational fighting skills and components of hand to hand combat, extreme close quarters shooting and fighting in confined spaces in order to train the operator in the baseline techniques that will enable him to survive and win a close quarters combat engagement.

Duration: 5 days


The Integrated Close Combat course (ICC) is the second tier in our combatives programs and integrates the specific mission set of the operator coupled with the individual combative techniques. The main focus of this course is mission accomplishment and how to utilize combatives as a tool to accomplish that mission. What separates ICC from IFS is the integration of weapons and equipment and combining combatives with team based CQB tactics, techniques and procedures.

Duration: 5 days

Integrated Close combat level-2 (low visibility/reduced signature)

The Integrated Close Combat Level-2 (ICC-L2) course is designed for a reduced signature team, pair, or solo operator deploying to semi- or non-permissive environments. This course will leverage from base line individual fight skills and focus on specific scenarios and situations at distances from 0-7 meters. This course will include training with improvised weapons, extreme close quarters shooting, edged weapons and reality-based training. Target audience for this module are those that operate separately and find themselves at risk for isolation.

Duration: 5 days




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