Active Shooter Response Protocol




The active shooter awareness seminar has been developed to introduce attendees to our Active Shooter Response Protocol (ASRP). Our ASRP is a robust step-by-step plan to handle an active shooter situation. Our protocol is applicable for individuals as well as corporate entities to better prepare for and act decisively during an active shooter crisis anywhere.

This 5-hour interactive seminar provides information on current events and catalogs a history of active shooters and how they were resolved. It also includes lectures on mental preparation, human combative behavior, situational awareness and the application of the OODA Loop cycle. Practical exercises include room hardening, mitigating the fatal funnel, accessing improvised weapons, basic gun disarming technique as well as trauma care and casualty management together with lessons on improvised and dedicated tourniquet application.

This seminar is suitable to everyone looking to increase their overall understanding of active shooter events and for those looking to develop and implement an active shooter response plan that allows for a more prepared response and more decisive action should they ever be involved in an active shooter crisis.

5 Hours — $75

Prices vary for group and departmental bookings


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