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5-Day MIL/ LE Advanced Hostage Rescue Course

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Advanced Hostage Rescue - RSS Level 4

Duration: 5 Days
Cost: $995.00

Our Advanced Hostage Rescue Course is a 5-day training program that focuses on delivering current tactics, techniques and procedures being utilized by tier-1 military special operations units in hostage rescue, dynamic clearance and deliberate clearance. This course has been designed and developed to provide law enforcement agencies with the essential elements of competency in order to conduct successful planning, execution and recovery of large numbers of hostages contained within a stronghold and held by an armed terrorist cell. Students will be introduced to new CQB tactics including hybrid clearance procedures, which have been developed to minimize risk to the assault force and maximize potential for mission success.
The aim of this course is to enhance individual and collective skills in conducting high-risk hostage rescue operations. These skills, knowledge and attitudes will increase the student’s ability to work effectively as part of an assault team, demonstrate leadership and make sound decisions during high-stress, close quarters combat engagement scenarios.
This course of instruction will include classroom presentations and practical exercises using a paint-marking cartridge such as UTM or Simunition. Training will be conducted during normal work hours and will extend into the evening in order to complete night evolutions.
If you would like to book this course for your department, please contact us to discuss your departmental requirements and pricing.


Learning Objectives:

Equipment Requirements:

Force Protection

i. Assault uniform/range attire
ii. Boots or sturdy footwear
iii. Assault Armour & Ballistic Helmet
iv. Gas Mask
v. Hearing protection (electronic preferred
) vi. Eye protection (clear & dark)
vii. Gloves shooting
viii. NVG’s
ix. Knee protection
x. Hat
b. Primary Weapon
i. Duty Carbine
ii. Paint Upper (Simunition
) iii. Four Paint Magazines
iv. Four Carbine Magazines
v. Three carbine magazine pouches
vi. One Carbine Sling
vii. One Flashlight weapon mounted
viii. One Combat optic
ix. One IR Laser & illuminator
c. Secondary Weapon
i. Service Pistol
ii. 3 pistol magazines
iii. One Assault Holster
iv. Two Pistol magazine carriers
v. One Flashlight
d. Misc Items
i. One Note book & pen
ii. One Cleaning kit
iii. A Water source
iv. Headlamp

Training Course Tuition and Refund Policy

A deposit of half the tuition fee is required at the time of registration to secure a spot on the course. If you wish to pay the full tuition amount at this time, please email us to be invoiced directly.

The full training course tuition is required to be paid in full 60 days before the course start date.

All refunds are subject to a processing fee.

All fees paid are non-refundable at 60 days before the class start date.

Training Schedule

Start Date End Date Status Location

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