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5-Day MIL/ LE Advanced Hostage Rescue Course

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Home Defense and Personal Protection - RSS Level 4

Duration: 3 Days
Cost: $900.00

This course is designed to teach students the tactics, techniques and procedures to secure the family home and conduct close personal protection of family members during a time of crisis either at home or away. Crisis may take the form of many things including home invasion or break-in where family members or assets are vulnerable and are exposed to extreme risk. Situations like these require very specific counter measures to be applied, using a kinetic, or non-kinetic, lethal or less-than-lethal, lawful force response in order to resolve them quickly and decisively. In today’s society we are more exposed to the criminal entities that thrive on the vulnerable and target the weak in the classic scenario of predator v’s prey. This course will delve into the predator mindset and explore how criminals stalk, select and prosecute their targets. We will train you how to harden yourself and family members to become a super predator in order to limit the criminal attack and be ready should an attack occur. This course will include specific body protection drills used in executive protection to cover and evacuate family members while allowing for a lethal kinetic or non-kinetic lawful force response.


The Home Defense and Personal Protection course is open to ALL law abiding citizens, including Law Enforcement and Military personnel.

All participants must have received tactical training in both pistol and carbine from one of the following sources:

a reputable training company, law enforcement academy, or military unit.

Learning Objectives:

Home Defense Course Outline:

During this portion of the training students will learn methods of approaching, entering and clearing the home or structure as a single and as part of a two man element.

This module will cover the following.

1. Selecting the correct approach.
2. External movement and clearance methods.
3. Offensive and Defensive methods of internal clearing.
4. Center-fed and corner-fed rooms.
5. Hallways and intersections.
6. Negotiating Stairwells.
7. Security of family members.
8. Advanced Surgical Shooting Techniques.
9. Force on Force scenarios.

Personal Protection Course Outline:

During this portion of the course students will receive lessons on how to recognize and react to criminal threats and active shooters. Students will be taught how to move tactically while in control of family members during high stress situations and apply the use of force continuum in order to select the appropriate force response to specific situations.

This module will cover the following.

1. Threat recognition.
2. React to contact.
3. Close quarters fighting techniques.
4. Cover and evacuation drills.
5. Tactical movement while in control of family members.
6. Deployment of the handgun while in control of family members.
7. Advanced weapons manipulations while in control of family members.
8. Applying the principles of Tactical Combat Casualty Care in a tactical pre-hospital setting.
9. Tactical medical kits and contents.
10. Conducting rapid trauma assessments of casualties.
11. Initiating life saving interventions within a tactical environment.

Equipment Requirements:

All weapons and equipment can be rented through Redback One, including body armor (in limited quantities).

Simunition FX marking cartridges are utilized for periods of this course. (Sim weapons will be provided by RB1).

1. Carbine or Rifle w/ sling, optics and accessories
2. Pistol w/ holster
3. Carbine magazines (3 minimum)
4. Pistol magazines (3 minimum)
5. Belt
6. Weapon mounted lights
7. Level IIIA Soft Body Armor/Level III/IV strike plates front and rear
8. Shooting gloves
9. Suitable range attire (must have long sleeves and pants for home defense module), foul weather gear as appropriate, sturdy footwear/ boots.


1. Helmet
2. Knee protection

Misc. Equipment Requirements:

1. Weapon cleaning kit with sectional rods and lubrication supplies
2. Eye protection (Clear lens for shoot-house)
3. Ear protection (Electronic ear pro preferred)
4. Hydration source


Carbine - 200 frangible rounds, 300 ball
Pistol - 200 rounds

* If you're unable to obtain frangible rounds then you may purchase it through us, please email us with your request.


Body armor is a requirement in order to conduct live fire room combat in the shoot house as an individual or as a pair. There will be no exceptions.

We have 12 sets of LIIIA body armor but are limited to a few sets of strike plates. We are in the process of acquiring more but the time frame is unknown at this time.

Please email us for current pricing.

Training Course Tuition and Refund Policy

A deposit of half the tuition fee is required at the time of registration to secure a spot on the course. If you wish to pay the full tuition amount at this time, please email us to be invoiced directly.

The full training course tuition is required to be paid in full 60 days before the course start date.

All refunds are subject to a processing fee.

All fees paid are non-refundable at 60 days before the class start date.

Training Schedule

Start Date End Date Status Location

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