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Instructor Cadre

Redback One (RB1) instructors are the very best in the industry. They have years of real-world combat experience from multiple operational deployments with some of the finest fighting forces in the world.

RB1 instructors are hand selected for there knowledge, attitude, instructional ability and skill sets. Our instructors understand the importance of delivering professional instruction in order to impart knowledge and skills quickly and accurately. RB1's training methodology is unique in the firearms industry and we continue to improve our standards and ability in this dynamic ever changing industry.

Our cadre stay current by researching and developing new TTPs and by interfacing with customers and current serving members and friends from all branches of the Military.

If you would like to be part of RB1's instructor cadre, please submit your resume to

Mobile Training Teams

We currently offer Mobile Training Teams for all of our training courses. Our instructors travel throughout the United States and abroad to conduct training. MTTs allow our customers to maximize their training funds by conducting training locally utilizing local range facilities. This alleviates complicated logistic issues such as traveling with weapons and shipping ammunition.

For local customers in the Virginia area, we have a standard range agreement with ranges within the area in order to conduct our training. If you would like to host Redback One, please email or call us directly to arrange times and availability.

International Training Division

All Redback One international training will be U.S. ITAR compliant. If you would like to host RB1, please email or call us directly to arrange times and availability.

We look forward to working with you into the future.

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