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Authorized Member and Manager
Giselle Falla

Giselle Falla is the Managing Member of Redback One, LLC which is classified as a Small, Women-owned and Minority-owned business (SWaM). Giselle also coordinates training and handles all social media for Redback One.

Prior to Redback One's establishment in April 2010, Giselle worked as a Scheduler for Special Security Programs a division of Blackwater Worldwide. In that role she was responsible for the overall management of Independent Contractor’s schedules and rotations for overseas deployments working closely with active duty and former Military/ Law Enforcement personnel while gaining vast knowledge of tactical and overseas environments.

During her time with Special Security Programs, Giselle also filled the role of Training Coordinator where she generated and established the program's training database. She was responsible for the coordination and scheduling of mandatory and elective training for large groups of Independent Contractors to include the delegation of Instructors to lead these courses while providing administrative and logistical duties as required for training.

Previous to that Giselle started her career at Blackwater USA in 2005 where she served as Administrative Assistant for the Director of the Department of State Program.


Director of Training
Jason Falla

Jason arrived in the United States in 2005 after spending 12 years of service with the Australian Army Special Operations Command. Jason represented the very best in dedication to duty and in unwavering support for the United States in combat and Special Operations missions in support of the Global War on Terror.

Since arriving in the U.S Jason has trained countless U.S Military personnel in pre-deployment training including many elements from the U.S Special Operations Command.

Jason is now the Director of Training at Redback One, a diverse training company that provides Tier-1 training solutions to the Military, Law Enforcement and private sectors. With his strong military instructor background, Jason undertook a project to develop two critical components of training infrastructure for Redback One. The result was the Redback One Training System (RTS) and the Redback One Shooting System (RSS).

RTS a complete systematic approach to training that is in use by RB1 cadre to analyse, design, develop, implement and evaluate a structured and consistent training product to their clientele.

RSS is a robust combat shooting system that is designed to systematically train students from entry-level, through to advanced shooters in all elements of competency in combat marksmanship.

Redback One’s core competency is firearms training and is comprised of 3 levels; RSS Level 1, 2 and 3 and covers pistol, carbine and shotgun. Our Tier-1 cadre provides our customers with advanced tactics training in a wide spectrum of operational areas including but not limited to; Close Quarters Battle, Close Quarters Fighting, Hostage Rescue, Vehicle Counter Ambush, Maritime Interdiction, Protective Service Detail, Counter Terrorist Driving, Instructor Development and more.

We are a full service company that is registered with Central Contracting Registry.


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