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Authorized Member and Manager
Giselle Falla

Giselle Falla is the Managing Member of Redback One, LLC which is classified as a small woman-owned business registered in the state of Virginia. Giselle also coordinates training and handles all social media for Redback One.

Prior to Redback One's establishment in April 2010, Giselle served as an operational support specialist with a large U.S. based defense security contracting company. Giselle was employed initially as an administrative assistant for the Program Director for U.S State Department programs.

Giselle was soon appointed as the training co-ordinator for special projects. In that role, Giselle generated and established the program's training records and was responsible for the coordination and scheduling of mandatory and elective training for large groups of Independent Contractors to include assisting with course management while providing administrative and logistical duties as required for training.

As a valued employee, Giselle was promoted to the position of lead Scheduler within special projects. In this role she worked closely with independent contractors made up of former Military special operations personnel and Law Enforcement tactical officers and was responsible for the management of their operational deployments and rotations.

During her time in these roles, Giselle has acquired extensive knowledge of the operational and strategic aspects of security management, security operations and support globally.


Director of Training
Jason Falla

Jason is a decorated veteran of the Australian Defence Force who served 12 years in Army Special Operations Command with 6 years service in Australia’s Tier-1 Counter Terrorist and Special Mission Unit, Special Air Service Regiment. Jason has over 22 months of classified operational deployments conducting special operations missions globally including combat deployments to East Timor, Afghanistan, and Iraq. During his military career, Jason was a subject matter expert in Special Forces Roping and Rappelling, Special Forces Climbing, Mountain and Cold Weather Operations, Vehicle Mounted Mobility and Maritime Counter Terrorism. Jason has extensive experience in counter-terrorist operations and has core competencies in the following: Close Quarters Battle, Hostage Rescue, Special Operations Medicine, Counter Terrorist Driving, Advanced Urban Operations, Low Visibility Operations, Land Warfare and Small Unit Tactics, Combat Shooting, Protective Security Detail, Explosive Breaching and Special Reconnaissance and Surveillance.

Jason holds civil instructor certifications the following: NRA Pistol Instructor, HK Pistol Instructor, HK Sub-Machine Gun Instructor, HK416 Armorer, HKMP7 Armorer, and Safariland Less Lethal Impact Munitions Instructor. Jason is certified in Intermediate SWAT (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police SWAT), Advanced Explosive Entry and Basic Explosive Handler (FETT), Mission Specific Advanced High-Speed Evasive Driving (ITI), Cross Fit Level 1 Certified.

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