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Training Methodology

Redback One stresses the importance of ongoing skill-building and routine self-evaluations. We have divided our offerings into three successive components:

Initial Training
Addresses the needs of units who wish to learn the fundamentals of a given discipline and how they are applied in live engagements. Once a student has sufficiently mastered the principles and drills of the first phase, they progress to the next rung of our curriculum.

Continuation Training
Builds upon the concepts presented in initial training and introduces advanced techniques for the more experienced shooter or combatant. In this module, students will be asked to perform accurately in increasingly high-stress scenarios.

Sustainment Training
Designed for the expert-level student to update and maintain their skill sets at recurring intervals. We believe this level of training serves as the crux for success in combat and law enforcement operations.

Unlike other training institutes, Redback One maintains the same fundamentals throughout all three tiers of their curriculum. Because our company emphasizes progressive learning, students will not be expected to adopt techniques that are contrary to what they have reviewed in previous courses. Training commences with an individual skills assessment that allows our instructors to pinpoint knowledge gaps and augment students' understanding of fundamentals. Upon completion of our courses, students will receive a diagnostic report that measures their individual performance and itemizes specific skills which they have mastered. By providing our students with quantifiable skill assessments, we enhance the ability of unit commanders to maximize the individual talents of their soldiers or officers and gauge the knowledge of their subject-matter experts (SME's).

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