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Subconscious Weapons Manipulation Cold and on Demand®

Registered service mark as of April 2, 2013 with the US Trademark Office.

Our Director of Training, Jason Falla designed and developed a systematic approach to combat marksmanship that builds a shooter from the ground up. This system is designed to train a shooter to handle, operate, carry and control a pistol, carbine or shotgun in a tactical environment. The application of this system is very robust and can be applied to the military, law enforcement and private citizens. This system is called the Redback Shooting System (RSS).

The techniques that are taught in RSS have been designed, developed, tested and evaluated by RB1 SME's prior to being incorporated into our training courses. Our SME's have extensive real world combat experience. All have multiple combat deployments to the Middle East and other areas of operations as members of Australia's Special Operations Task Group and U.S Special Operations Command.

Our RSS training techniques are unique in many ways. We have evolved current techniques to be faster and more efficient and developed our own techniques bringing new methods of deploying weapons and accessories to the tactical shooting world. The RSS techniques have been designed to teach a shooter how to systematically and subconsciously apply the fundamentals of combat marksmanship and weapons manipulation to maintain high hit probability and lethality and, to keep the gun running in a tactical environment.

We implemented the catch phase Cold and on Demand as a reminder that when the man knocks at your door requesting your skills, you won't have time to go to the range and warm up. You will need to perform your best 'Cold and on Demand'. That could be in defense of your home and family during a home invasion, while on duty as a Patrol Officer, executing an HRW during SWAT operations, prosecuting a target in AFG or simply shopping at the local mall.

As professionals that carry weapons for a living or a lifestyle, do yourself a favor and the next time you go to the range, shoot your assessment drills first. Then train on the areas that you failed to perform in or need work on.

There are no muligans or re-do's in life! Most people make mistakes, only the few can see them coming and prevent them.

Which one are you?

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