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Redback Shooting System (RSS)

After several years of development we are proud to announce the release of our long awaited Redback Shooting System abbreviated as RSS. We have worked tirelessly to bring our very own systematic approach and brand of weapons training to our customers. We will be launching our RSS series of courses during the 2013 training calendar and plan on conducting instructor level courses in order to qualify selected candidates as RSS Firearms Training Instructors or FTI’s. The following narrative defines the Redback Shooting System.

The Redback Shooting System is a complete training system that provides end users with a commonsense, systematic approach to the tactical employment of the service/ duty carbine, service/ duty pistol and combat shotgun. Using a systems approach to the implementation of training objectives means that training is conducted logically in an efficient and effective manner.

Consistency in training is a vital component for a commander’s unit/ department training progression, as it ensures that training objectives have been delivered with uniformity. This is where our shooting system excels; by implementing RSS we are able to deliver a consistent individual training package to all participants while maintaining a measureable standard of assessment for all.

By undertaking training in our shooting system programs and by following the principles and methodology, end users will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to safely and confidently carry, control, handle and operate weapons systems decisively and with a high degree of proficiency.

All RSS techniques are simple to learn, making difficult tasks straightforward to achieve. The techniques that form the foundation of our shooting system have been developed so that they are easy to replicate when under stress as they follow a systematic template of transferable skills that are common for the pistol, carbine and shotgun. Simple techniques that are easy to perform, even under stress, are important factors to our methodology.

Many first responders, military personnel and armed citizens do not have the opportunity to conduct routine training in progressive weapons handling and manipulation due to many factors including range constraints, ammunition shortages or other resource limitations. Therefore, in order to prevail when challenged by adversity, operational stress and combat anxiety, personnel must adopt a training system that is quick to learn, easy to remember and above all, safe.

Our training methodology encompasses our shooting system, which provides the framework for our firearms training programs. Our training programs have been designed and developed by former Military Special Operations personnel and intended for use by Military personnel, Law Enforcement officers and responsible armed U.S. Citizens to be able to safely carry, control, handle and operate weapons systems in a decisive manner.

As there is a need for a deliberate training progression, our shooting system is organized into four (4) levels:

a. RSS Level 1. Entry-level training for the new shooter. b. RSS Level 2. Tactical employment of weapon systems. c. RSS Level 3. Advanced employment of weapon systems. d. RSS Level 4. Close Quarters Battle, Specialty Courses & Home Defense.


Level 4 courses are Competency Based Training (CBT) courses and are broken down further into two distinct categories.

They are as follows:

RSS L4 Category 1

These courses are open to Military and Law Enforcement personnel only. Students attending training in this category will be required to submit several official documents in order to satisfy our vetting process.

RSS L4 Category 1 courses include but are not limited to the following:

1. Close Quarters Battle 1
2. Close Quarters Battle 2
3. Advanced Hostage Rescue
4. Specialty Courses

RSS L4 Category 2

These courses are open to all responsible armed U.S Citizens. Students attending these courses will be required to submit official documentation in order to satisfy our vetting process.

RSS L4 Category 2 courses include but are not limited to the following:

1. Home Defense 1
2. Home Defense 2
3. Personal Protection

RSS Firearms Training Instructors (FTI)

In order to qualify for training as an RSS Firearms Training Instructor, candidates must have successfully completed a formal Method Of Instruction (MOI) course conducted by a military institution, law enforcement training center or reputable private firearms training center. Candidates who meet this criterion must submit valid documents of previous course attendance before being paneled to attend a scheduled RSS Firearms Training Instructor course.

Candidates that successfully complete RSS FTI training will be deemed qualified for a period of three (3) years and are permitted to instruct RSS? Level 1 & 2 courses for their Unit, Agency or Department. At the completion of the three (3) year period, RSS FTI’s must recertify by attending another scheduled RSS FTI course in order to remain current.

RSS FTI courses will consist of 40-hours of work conducted over a five (5) day period. During the FTI training course, candidates will be required to conduct course administration and deliver training objectives as per the Training Management Package and under the guidance of an RB1 Senior Instructor. The course training objectives will be consistent with the type of FTI course attended (Pistol / Carbine). Candidates must attend the entire course and pass all assessments in order to be awarded a certificate of completion and qualify as an RSS FTI.

Redback Training System (RTS)

In order to deliver our shooting system to our customers, we have implemented a training system that is based on a well-established systematic approach to training and curriculum development. Our training system has been modified in order to suit our unique business model and training needs. Our training system provides a commonsense method of assisting in the effective and efficient delivery and achievement of training objectives. In training, the motivation to apply and improve knowledge and skills that have been learned must be sustained over long periods. As such, our training system delivers information in a format that makes learning easy for the adult learner to succeed and remember.

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