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RB1 is a full-service consultancy dedicated to providing tailored services of the highest quality in support of our clients training, operational, personal security and product development requirements at home and abroad.

RB1 provides consultancy services across the entire reach of client needs from initial assessment through analytical and advisory services to the provision of tailored security solutions. Drawing on the depth of experience of our staff, RB1 can conduct assessments of clients personal or operational security procedures and the political, social and other risk factors present in any operational environment around the globe. Our Analysts provide RB1 the capacity to generate a wide variety of analytical product including threat and risk analyses, detailed briefing and awareness documents, and long term risk forecasting based on our clients unique situations and requirements. Building upon our assessment and analytical product RB1 is able to generate comprehensive advisory packages tailored to the specific requirements of individual clients. RB1 maintains the capacity to deploy highly skilled security professionals anywhere in the world in order to provide clients with the protection and support that they need to achieve their goals safely and securely.

The success of a group seeking to operate in a challenging environment will hinge upon its capacity to work well as a team and to work in the most security-conscious way the mission and situation will allow. RB1 has a proven track record in the development and provision of group or individual training packages on a wide range of subjects such as Personal Security Awareness, Travel Safety and Security, Corporate Crisis Management, and Hazardous and Hostile Environment Training. As well as this training experience, RB1 has significant experience in working with corporate clients to help them develop the capacity to provide their personnel the support they need to achieve their goals safely, securely and successfully.

Drawing on the combined decades of experience of RB1 staff and our industry leading technology, RB1 is able to assist military, police and other units in the development of training packages that are specifically tailored to every clients unique requirements. Rather than applying the same course model and standards to all comers, RB1 will work with clients to establish what it is they seek to achieve in their role and to define excellence in their field. From there, we develop curriculum that will best develop trainees to the defined standard, and that can be taught by us to instructors within the client unit. This allows clients to take control of their own training and their own standards and in turn reduces the reliance on external providers.

The highest quality of service in security training and provision requires access to the highest quality in security technology and equipment. The staff of RB1 has the operational experience required to know and understand what equipment works and what does not under in challenging situations and the industry knowledge and connections necessary to bring this knowledge to bear on client needs. RB1 Consulting offers clients a product development and procurement service developed through our wealth of experience utilizing cutting edge technology and equipment around the world and our numerous industry partnerships that allows us to provide research, recommendation, procurement and training services on any equipment that client security needs will require.

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