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Operator Readiness Test


ORT – Operator Readiness Test




The Operator Readiness Test was designed and developed by Jason Falla, Director of Training at Redback One as a combat shooting standard of overall competency in weapons handling, speed and accuracy while wearing full assault order and using military standard weapons.


Time Limit:

Twenty seconds has been given as the initial standard for operators to achieve without prior training and should be attempted cold and on demand. The ORT is an assessment that includes a collection of individual skills that can be trained separately, however the ORT itself should never be trained on or shot repeatedly. Once the assessment has been completed any deficiencies reported can be trained in order to improve those areas of deficit.


Equipment Requirements:

In order to record a validation in this assessment, users must comply with the equipment standards and constraints outlined in these guidelines. The ORT must be completed wearing the following equipment:

  • Body Amor with complete assault load out. (20lbs minimum),

  • Ballistic Helmet,

  • Shooting Gloves,

  • Retention Holster,

  • Carbine pouches must have retention, and Pistol pouches can be open top

Magazine Load Out:

Once you have your equipment set up correctly you can load up your magazines for the assessment. You will require the following ammunition load out:

  • 1 Pistol Magazine of 10 rounds (loaded first)

  • 1 Carbine Magazine of 10 rounds (loaded first)

  • Two full spare pistol magazines on the belt.

  • Three full carbine magazines on the armor.


There are two standard targets that can be used for the assessment. They are as follows:

  • The RB1 Skeleton Target (Fig. 1)

  • The RB1 Zero Target (Fig. 2)


In order to receive a pass on the ORT, users must score 100% accuracy with all 24 rounds placed inside the scoring areas.
The assessment is fired from a distance of 7-yards from the target.


Ready Positions:

The ready position to begin the assessment is the high ready detailed with the charging handle touching the body. (This creates a standard start position for everyone). Alternatively, the low ready can be using to start the drill and the low ready is detailed with pistol grip touching the body in the start position.


Weapon Restrictions:

The ORT must be completed using standard military weapons. The following items are not allowed when validating on the ORT.

  • Muzzle devices or breaks that assist in controlling recoil.

  • Ported barrels.

  • Bad Levers or similar devices

  • Triggers must be Mil-Standard or have an NSN and authorized for service.


Ammunition used during the assessment must meet factory requirements, no reloaded ammunition; competition loads or other hand-loaded ammunition is allowed. The following minimum ammunition standards apply:

  • 115gr Ball 9mm Ammunition

  • 55gr Ball 5.56mm/.223cal Ammunition

Night Firing the ORT

The ORT can be fired at night using white light or using NVG’s and IR Lasers. When conducting the ORT at night, the following standards apply:

  • Head target remains the same

  • Body target increases to an 8” circle.

  • Time limit remains the same

  • Distance remains the same

    In order to record a result in the ORT at night, the assessment must be conducted on or after Nautical Twilight. (Nautical twilight is the time when the center of the sun is between 6° and 12° below the horizon. At the beginning or end of nautical twilight, under good atmospheric conditions, vague outlines of ground objects may be distinguishable, but details are not likely.)



While wearing full assault order and with a 10-round magazine loaded on the pistol and the carbine and standing at the 7-yard line, the firer will on command present the primary weapon from the high ready and engage the head target (or the top 6” circle if using the zero target) until incurring a natural empty magazine stoppage. The firer will then change over to pistol and fire at the lower target until incurring a natural empty magazine stoppage. The firer will then reload the pistol and fire two more rounds to the lower target. The firer will then holster the pistol, reload the carbine and fire two final rounds at the top target to complete the course of fire.



The ORT is a great validation of individual combat shooting skills and is an excellent way to assess students, officers, military personnel in baseline standards of weapons handling, speed and accuracy. Once successfully completing the ORT the time limit can be lowered in order to increase the level of difficulty or the distance can be increased to achieve a more challenging test.

Good luck!



                      Figure 1                                                                                Figure 2

Posted: August 17, 2016

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